LipoLife Package

A complete, All in One Solution

LipoLife 3G’s compact, multi-modal system delivers the flexibility and responsiveness physicians need for liposuction, skin tightening and fat grafting procedures of any scope, for use in both private clinics as well as hospital settings. All of the required tools and equipment as well as a complete set of accessories are conveniently organized in a single, quiet portable unit.


The Package

At every purchase of LipoLife 3G you receive kits and accessories for 2 full lipo procedures.
Accessories package contains the following:

INFILTRATION AND SUCTIONING: Peristaltic pump for infiltration, aspiration pump for suctioning and infiltration and suction cannulas for face and body. Also provides all required accessories including a re-usable canister for waste fluid collection and a full kit including all required sterile tubing and disposable waste bags.

Accessories for LipoFlow System

LipoFlow full kit including all required sterile tubing and disposable waste bags.



SIMULTANEOUS LASING AND SUCTION: 1470 nm diode device, AngelTM radial emission lasing fibers in various diameters, LipoSense temperature control cannula and LipoTight cannula with a multi use laser fiber, including stripping and cleaving set.

Lipovibe™ vibrating device

The LipoVibe™ device provides vibrational assistance during the liposuction procedure for even further ease and efficiency. LipoVibe™ uses controlled vibrations to facilitate the movement of the cannula, helping break up fatty tissue so that it can be easily suctioned and removed from the body.
Small, precise oscillations allow physicians to target specific areas safely without damaging surrounding tissue. This technique is especially useful for treating areas with dense and fibrous adipose tissue.

LipoDiode KIT

The LipoLilfe KIT containts 30 & 25 cm (4mm) handle,15cm Cannula, Cannula Cleaning Brushes all in a Metal case for convenient storage.



LipoSense Temparture control

LipoLife 3G features a closed loop, temperature-sensing cannula, called LipoSense, that continuously monitors subdermal temperatures during laser-assisted lipolysis, body contouring and small area procedures. Laser energy is delivered to the tissue until the target temperature is reached, achieving precise, uniform treatment.

LipoLife Fibers

AngelTM radial emission lasing fibers in various diameters.

STERILE FAT GRAFTING KIT: micro-cannulas, precision needles in various diameters, anaerobic transfer, sterile canister for viable fat collection, and multiple syringe stand.

Fat Grafting Sterile KIT

Infiltration and Suctioning Modality:

Re-usable canister for waste uid collection and a full kit including all required sterile tubing and disposable waste bags.

Face Tightening LipTight Cannula

LipoLife 3G also offers a dedicated tightening cannula with a flat multi-use laser fiber, designed exclusively for skin tightening of the face and neck.